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The Importance of Refrigerated Courier Services

It is our job to keep things cool, it is literally what we provide for all of our customers. Not everyone knows how beneficial it is to have refrigerated transport services like ours on their side. We have worked with many major companies and now we want to work with you. Here are some reasons why our services are so important when dealing with things that need to be kept cool.

Here are some reasons why our services are so important when dealing with things that need to be kept cool

Keep it cold while
on the move

Let’s say you have an ice sculpture that needs to get from the ice carvers to the party, how are you going to move without it melting or breaking? We have the solution, our refrigerated courier services can get that ice sculpture where it needs to be without breaking it or letting it melted. Maybe it is food you need to transport – we meet the applicable regulations.

We can handle
any demand

Throughout the years we have built our enterprise into something reputable, from assisting in big events to providing refrigerated courier services. We rise to any request made of us by our customers, the limits are your imagination. Our experienced team and high-quality equipment can help you bring your cool ideas into reality.

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Chill while we keep things cool

Don't take our word for it...

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PETStock Retail Space VM Manager


Chill offered an easy straightforward solution for PETstock which helped solve a lack of storage for frozen products within one of our stores. The whole project was easy from start to finish, with Lauren and the team at Chill taking care of the entire process. The team on site were professional and communicated effectively with our support office and our store team. The unit has allowed bulk storage of frozen goods and has helped our staff keep up with demand. Their approach to this project was very straightforward, offering a practical solution for our product and provided a realistic timeline with affordable pricing.

RedBelly Citrus Cold Storage


We are able to store all of our products, which include both frozen & long life shelf products, at the same venue. Once Chill was expecting our products to arrive frozen for storage, and when they arrived in an unrefrigerated vehicle Chill called us prior to accepting the goods to confirm that it was OK to receive the goods. Chill keeps track of our products accurately & lets us know when we are running low, so that we are able to restock before this becomes a problem for our customers.


Be in control of your customer experience and Chill

Storing and transporting your temperature-controlled products in top condition is already complex enough. That’s why Chill has been the recommended choice for refrigerated logistics delivering dependable, high-quality service as an extension of your business.

No matter if your company is big or small, we are what you need us to be: on your team, by your side, and in the trenches—trusted advisors to the last mile.

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