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Grow Your Brand Confidently

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Create Impressive Brand Activations

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Make Moments Matter

Don’t compromise your brand’s success by picking a less experienced company.

You need a logistics partner that understands every nuance of the brand experience and also executes at the highest level meeting your customers’ expectations. You and your brand deserve more.

Activate your marketing campaign with an experienced logistics veteran that will enable your brand to grow.


Grow Your Brand Confidently

You will receive a step by step plan from where your creative team’s services end and Chill will guide you through the full cycle of services; from concept to consumer.

Create Impressive Brand Activations

Bring your creatives and brand agencies to Chill or have us meet with them at the beginning of planning as we collaborate to build your brand activation.

Make Moments That Matter

Consumers only remember the first and the last impressions from the presentation to the interaction with them on-site. At Chill, we help you make these moments that matter most.

We get it – your promotional strategies can’t fail if your brand is going to make an impression.

We understand what it’s like to place your trust in a transportation and logistics company that lets you down by over-promising and under-delivering.

Since 2000, Chill has been the recommended choice for promotional logistics delivering dependable, high-quality service as an extension of your business. No matter if your company is big or small, we are what you need us to be: on your team, by your side—trusted advisors to the last mile.

The company we keep

3 Steps to your next campaign with Chill


Build your next campaign and share your creative brief with us


Receive a customised solution


Chill while we keep things cool

Don't take our word for it...

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Mandy Denham

Experiential Marketing

I can rely on you Nationally. You make it happen. The extra little bit that you cost me is almost immeasurable in what it costs me or my company in our own time and management costs when we try to do it ourselves or use other cheaper suppliers. Your industry knowledge is awesome. We use you as a sounding board. You don’t only give us a price you give us your thinking and advice as a value add. Your ideas and input give us saving and advantages………………. you take the headache and the heartache out of my logistical needs.

Scott Bradley

It’s great to deal with a company that lives its values. At every contact point with various team members, we’ve received professional service with a friendly, flexible and helpful approach.

Impact Media

I have been extremely impressed with the exceptional service, professionalism and reliability of Chilled. They provided quick and easy solutions to any problems that arose and their friendly and warm manner along with their industry knowledge has made them an absolute pleasure to work with. I have no hesitation in recommending their services, as I will certainly be using them for all future campaigns.

Shaneez Johnston

Res Publica Public Relations

Andrew and the team at Chill are consummate professionals and a pleasure to work with. They are experienced, flexible and solutions-oriented, which was extremely important to us on the Magnum project as we had a challenging brief and limited budget. I have no hesitation in recommending them.


Kira Patchett

Andrew and the Chill team exceeded all our expectations. They’re professional, accountable and flexible in all the best ways. They’re an extension of our business and thoroughly enjoyable to work with.


Deliver your brand’s marketing campaign effortlessly and Chill

Since 2000, Chill has been the recommended choice for temperature-controlled logistics delivering dependable, high-quality service as an extension of your business. No matter if your company is big or small, we are what you need us to be: on your team, by your side, and in the trenches—trusted advisors to the last mile.

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