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Keep Quality Control

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Save Time

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Protect Your Brand

Your stock’s integrity is too valuable to risk on fly-by-night suppliers

You have enough on your plate without worrying if your cold storage facility is doing their job. You and your brand deserve more.

Store and transport your temperature-controlled products in top condition with Chill


Keep Quality Control

Armed with insights and reporting, you are in control of your stock remotely. We pride ourselves on keeping your cold chain unbroken.

Save Time

You no longer have to waste hours hunting down the information on your inventory’s arrival, registration, and rotation.

Protect Your Brand

You gain a partner that’s invested the same as you in your stock’s integrity and your company’s reputation.

We’ve got it covered.

As a provider of cold storage and transport solutions for some of Australia’s leading companies and brands, we make it part of our business to keep abreast of the latest in refrigeration technologies. Extensive research led us to have a firm belief that polyurethanes play a crucial role in preserving the natural resources of our planet.

The use of polyurethane panels in place of polystyrene was a key influence in us choosing MISA. It is our belief that the Australian market should be moving towards a faster uptake of polyurethane products, and away from polystyrene.

We store and transport products for businesses from a diverse range of sectors. Quality is paramount, with a great deal of attention and focus being placed on the varying types of products being stored, handled and delivered, from pharmaceuticals to confectionary, other foods, wine and growing demand in craft breweries, coming on board Nationally.

With 5 strategically located warehouse sites around Australia, we offer clean modern facilities for temporary or long term storage solutions for your products or promotional campaign requirements.

Full service storage and handling facilities across all states

  1. Nationwide cold, dry, frozen, and controlled temperature solutions.
  2. Short or long term requirements.
  3. Single pallet storage to large contract management of hundreds or even thousands of pallets.
  4. Frozen storage to -20ºc and chilled storage to 0- 4ºc.
  5. Dedicated wine & confectionery room storage from +12ºc to +18ºc.
  6. FEFO / FIFO stock rotation, replenishment & inventory control.
  7. Specialised handling requirements (including kitting, fulfilment, labelling re-packaging, palletising and shrink-wrapping).
  8. Loading / Unloading of 20ft & 40ft containers (including receipt handling & dispatch).
  9. Order picking of pallets & cartons.
  10. Department of agriculture AQIS import & export, HACCP approved facilities.
  11. AACA accredited air cargo agents.
  12. 24 hour back to base security systems & temperature alarm monitoring.

We get it – storing your temperature-controlled
products shouldn’t make you anxious

That’s why at Chill, we pride ourselves on applying a scientific approach to cold-chain compliance, management, and mitigation while keeping your operations uncompromised and unbroken.

Since 2000, Chill has been the recommended choice for refrigerated storage delivering dependable, high-quality service as an extension of your business. No matter if your company is big or small, we are what you need us to be: on your team, by your side, and in the trenches—trusted advisors to the last degree.

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Chill while we keep things cool

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PETStock Retail Space VM Manager


Chill offered an easy straightforward solution for PETstock which helped solve a lack of storage for frozen products within one of our stores. The whole project was easy from start to finish, with Lauren and the team at Chill taking care of the entire process. The team on site were professional and communicated effectively with our support office and our store team. The unit has allowed bulk storage of frozen goods and has helped our staff keep up with demand. Their approach to this project was very straightforward, offering a practical solution for our product and provided a realistic timeline with affordable pricing.

RedBelly Citrus Cold Storage


We are able to store all of our products, which include both frozen & long life shelf products, at the same venue. Once Chill was expecting our products to arrive frozen for storage, and when they arrived in an unrefrigerated vehicle Chill called us prior to accepting the goods to confirm that it was OK to receive the goods. Chill keeps track of our products accurately & lets us know when we are running low, so that we are able to restock before this becomes a problem for our customers.


Be in control of your customer experience and Chill

Storing and transporting your temperature-controlled products in top condition is already complex enough. That’s why Chill has been the recommended choice for refrigerated logistics delivering dependable, high-quality service as an extension of your business.

No matter if your company is big or small, we are what you need us to be: on your team, by your side, and in the trenches—trusted advisors to the last mile.

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